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Activity World

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Looking for a change in where we take the girls to play, I got on Google and starting searching for alternative indoor play areas for kids in Cambridgeshire.  Normally we go to either Funky Fun House or Cheeky Monkeys.  They’re both great fun the kids love them, but sometimes you just want to mix it up a little bit.  So while searching for places I came across Activity World in Peterborough.  It’s not too far and was a nice day so the drive was pleasant. 

This place was an incredible size!  The actual play area was easily 5 times bigger then Funky Fun House .. And so much more to do there.  You can see from clicking on the link for Activity World they have more pics and videos on their site which is why I decided to go there and check it out.

Here are some pics I took on the day, there are more in our Flickr Gallery ..

 click here to see them all.


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