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How to make Putty Tabbed…

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Simple put PuTTY is the best SSH/Telnet client available.  However, the one feature it’s always lacked which I feel would make it out of this world is tabs.  If you could have just one windows but loads of tabs to different servers, like another very expensive product can do, it would be great.

Well, Googling today for some other SSH client that has tabbed windows I found a spiffy little application called WinTabber.  There is a free version or the CTR Edition which is only $5 to register.  From the looks of the site the free version doesn’t suppose Putty, but everything else.  Well, having played with the 10 day trial version for all of 20 seconds it’s pretty clear this is well worth the $5.  And just as soon as I find a way to actually register it I will.

Gone are the days of non-tabbed Putty sessions for me!!  You can also apparently tabify just about any other application too.  I’ve not even looked at that, but will check it out in time.  Putty is only thing I needed it for to start with.

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