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Emma’s got the Pox now..

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Lisa’s case of Chicken Pox ended about 10 days after it first showed up, and about 5 days later Emma broke out in them.  Emma was quite upset the morning Lisa woke with her spots.  Emma wanted spots too! haha she was upset that Lisa had something she didn’t. 

We kept telling Emma she’ll get spots too and she had keep looking for them and tell us as soon as she found her spots.  The day they came, she came running to tell us she’s finally got spots.  About 2 days later she stopped liking them 🙂

Emma can’t quite say “chicken pox”, it comes out sounding more like “chin chin box”.

All in all both of the kids have come through this pretty easy.  Lisa has only one spot that was on the verge of getting infected but I don’t think it really did.  It’s quite large and still visible, but it is going away slowly.   Emma so far only has one that looks like it’s going the same way as Lisa’s, but we’ll have to wait and see how it goes.

I’m glad both have gotten it now and it’ll be clear before they go back to school in early Sept.  It also means we won’t have to deal with this ever again.

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