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Just an update…

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There’s not really been too much happening that needed an update to the site really.  I’d taken some vacation from Aug 2 until Aug 13 with plans to go camping in South Devon for a week.  Those plans were cancelled when Lisa came down with a case of Chicken Pox 3 days before we were scheduled to leave.   Luckly I was able to get a full refund form the camp site.   We had to cancel as 80% of the reason for going to the campsite chosen was because of the included access to an indoor/outdoor water and leisure park.  None of which Lisa would have been allowed to enjoy because of her Chicken Pox.

I ended up spending the week at home with miserable weather and unable to really do anything productive as we couldn’t take the kids anywhere that they might expose people to the infection.

Thankfully I start back to work on Wed morning, albeit from home as I’ll be working a week of “early shift” (7am-3pm), and we always only work that from home.

Hopefully something more exciting will happen soon so I can post a proper update 🙂  We are expect Emma to get the pox within a couple of weeks as well, that’ll be fun t do it all over again.