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Twitter is here to stay…

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OK, I’m hooked on .  I was a bit dubious of it’s real usefulness to start with.  OK, there sure are a lot of mindless postings to twitter, but I suppose it depends if they are made by someone you know or not.. you’ll clearly be missing some context.  I am definitely going to be keep on using this great service.


A lot of the people I follow and those following me are ham radio folks.  It’s a slick and instant way to send updates to your followers and friends.   For example, if you were sitting on the radio and calling CQ you might send a tweet¹ to say what frequency you’re on.  Another use might be if you are out working specific squares or counties or whatever you could let folks know which one you are in and what freq you are on.


A lot of audio and video podcasters use twitter as well, they send out tweets to let listeners know if they are on live and a URL where to find them, or just to let their fans know when new podcasts are up on their sites.


It’s also just another form of CB really, you can message with friends around the world while out and about or just at home.


Access to twitter is pretty wide open.. you can use SMS text messages, the main website –, the mobile website or a host of applications for mobile phones, PC, PDA’s, etc, etc.  It’s just crazy how popular this service is.


Check it out and add me to your friends 🙂


¹ – a tweet is what a twitter posting is called

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