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Europe clears mobiles on aircraft

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BBC NEWS | Technology | Europe clears mobiles on aircraft

Well, this both good news and bad news at the same time.  The good news is something that pretty much everyone has known for years, using a mobile phone on a plane won’t actually crash it!!  The bad news however is now you’ll have to put up with those ignorant self-absorbed and self-important so-and-so’s who just have to talk as loud as they can into their phones… As terrible was it was to travel on “the tube” in London for several years to and from work, the one thing that was nice was there were no phones ringing and people bleating away into them.

I can only assume that airplanes will have to follow what has been done on trains already, and that is to provide “quiet” zones where no phones or even loud music through headsets is permitted.

Given the technology that will be used is to have a micro-cell on the plane which talks to satellite then down to the ground, you know the cost will be excessive for casual chats.  Leading to suggest that most likely it will be those in Business/First Class most likely to use it.  That being the case I’m up for building a proper wall built between those classes and the masses so we don’t have hear them.

Also, as the article suggests it will also lead to data services coming as well (perhaps at more reasonable rates). 

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