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Cambridge RAYNET ….

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Last night was the AGM of the local Cambridge RAYNET group.  It’s a small group that is really only active on a handful of annual events around the Cambridge area.  RAYNET is the UK’s Radio Amateur’s Emergency Network.  This is a group of volunteers from around the UK that are all licensed radio amateurs from all walks of life that are prepared to give up their time when disasters or emergencies arise across the country.

The AGM, is much like others in any organization.. read the minutes, hear from the various committee members and treasurer etc, including the elections.  They needed to fill the position of Training Officer for the group.  I agreed to do this for the coming year.  I’ve no real idea what can or will be done in this role, but we’ll see.  If nothing else I hope it will provide some valuable links to the Disaster Planning and Emergency Comms related folks both at a national level as well as the local level.

I’ll keep some postings on this as I go along with this role.