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Welcome to the new blog!!!

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I figured it was time for a make over of the site.  The old site which was running on Pivot was just getting too old and unsupportable.  There was no way to upgrade it any more so I figured it was time to make a change.  The new site is based on WordPress a very flexible blogging package.

The look and feel of the new site isn’t completely set in stone yet, I’m still trying to find the look I really like.  The current theme I’m using is the one I like most of all the ones I’ve seen so far.. but I don’t know if it will stay or not.

Anyhow, hope you enjoy the new site.  The old site will still be available you going to – this will remain online forever, or as longas I keep this site online.  Everything will be archived there for posterity.

The gallery has also been upgraded as well.  There are many new features available in the new gallery software.  The basic look and feel has remained much the same so it won’t be too hard to get use to and navigate through.

Enjoy the site and thanks for stopping by!

Emma, Lisa, Yuki and Rob