Fox Hunting Transmitter

One of the projects I’m working on right now is a self contained package that will consist of a transmitter, battery, timer board and voice ident board all housed inside a 50cal ammo box.

Click on the photos below to see full sized close ups


The transmitter

Kenwood TH-79A hand held (dual band)


Timer board

555 astable timer kit

This is the completed board with an AA battery for size reference

Just a different angle on the board.


Voice ID Board

This board was taken from a cheap voice recording pen I bought off Ebay. It can only record for 10-13 seconds or so, but for this application it should be enough.  I actually bought 2 of these pens, expecting to destroy one in the process of experimenting.  Seeing how the first one survived everything (so far) I’ll use the second board to play a different message during the transmissions.

This is what the pen looked like before I got my hands on it  
These are what it looks like after I was done with it 🙂 Another pic with a AA battery for size



Yuasa NP7-12 – 7.0Ah 12V battery

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