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I’ve recently been renewing my interest in Electronics. Last year I got back into building kits and getting my hand back to soldering again. I can’t even recall the last time I did much of anything with electronics besides that of being just an end user of them. I hope to fill this page with info about things I’ve built, either from kits or on my own (haha don’t expect too much of the latter in the short term).

So far most of the of the kits I’ve built have been pretty simple, both in terms of function and skills required to build them. I guess the most complex was a PIC Microcontroller programmer kit made by Velleman. The kit was the K8048 – PIC Programmer and Experiment Board. I actually thought building the kit was quite easy, but then as with most “through hole” kits if you can read to a basic level and count in simple numbers and match up the picture on the board with the components you really can’t screw these things up.

I’ll post some pics of the things I’ve built, and some short videos of them in operation if they do anything worth seeing.

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