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Ham Radio

I’ll try to keep this page updated on my Ham Radio related activities.

UPDATE: Just an update on this aspect of my life, I’ve not been on the radio in well over 5 yrs. Mostly I got bored of it but I also found the local community to be rather hard to engage with, not overly welcoming to outsiders/newcomers I guess.


Callsign M1XZG
Previous Callsign(s) N3XZG (still current in US)

My operating station was entirely in my car and operated mobile.

Yaesu FT-857
HF (40m – 6m)

This is a great little rig and does very well. It’s been mounted in the boot (trunk) of the car and has the remote head and mic fitted up front in easy view and reach when I’m driving. It can easily be operated without having to take my eyes off the road. I also have the full remote DTMF mic which give much more rig control from the mic. I use the ATAS-120 for the antenna system on the car for this radio. It’s a perfect match for the rig, and with the rigs built in auto-tuner it means I can operate all the bands from 40m up to 70cm on one antenna and I don’t have to stop to change elements when changing bands.

Yaesu FT-8800ft8800r

2m / 70cm

I’ve just added this rig to my small collection.  It will become my primary in car VHF/UHF rig, replacing the FT-8500.  


Yaesu VX-5Rvx5r

I’ve had this HT since about 2002.  This replaced an old Kenwood TH-79 which I brought to the UK with me from Canada.  This isn’t a bad little HT in many respects, the Kenwood was a lot thinner though, but not as short as the VX-5R.  The 6m capability is nearly useless unless you are within eye sight of a 6m repeater.  I’ve not actually used it for 6m simplex, but I expect the range will be limited.


Yaesu FT-8500
2m / 70cm

This is a great rig as well, however I don’t have the mic pictured here, this is what’s call the “Mr Potato Head” mic. I have normal full DTMF mic which lets let do everything the other mic does but it’s smaller and a little more cumbersome. Programming the rig while driving is not advised. I’ve had this rig now since 1998. It spent 3 or 4 years in my Ford Explorer in the US and Canada then a few years in storage and it’s been back in my car here in the UK for the last 2 or 3 years now. A very solid rig indeed.  This rig has now been replaced by the above mentioned FT-8800.  The FT-8500 will now spend the rest of it’s days in the “shack” and set up as a ready to grab an go portable emergency rig for RAYNET and Field days.

1 thought on “Ham Radio”

  1. You mentioned that “My operating station is entirely in my car and operated mobile”

    It’s funny that you said that as I was reading some other blogs regarding vanity ham license plates with their call signs.

    Some of the state by state regs are pretty funny. I went to the ARRL site and they have it broken down.

    Btw I like the layout of your site. Where do you get the pictures for your rigs

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