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  • What’s been happening lately? (Part 3–Final One)

    Posted on by rob

    Ok, the final instalment of what the hell I’m doing these days Smile

    In this episode we have day trips to London and a model shoot

    Also during the this month I launched a new “website” for my photo portfolio.  The URL is:  LetMeShoot.It and is currently hosted using my profile on 500px.com.  Please go and check out the photos I’m publishing on there.  You can click on Categories to see more groups of photos.

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  • Happy Birthday Emma (early)

    Posted on by rob

    I say early because her birthday isn’t really until Nov 13th.  However, we had the party a week early as we’d planned to do something next weekend.  Anyhow we held the party at Cheeky Monkeys Play Barn in Fulbourn.  Emma invited 10 of her friends plus our 2 kids made 12, however one of them was unable to join us.   See all the photos, CLICK HERE.


    This is the cake and some snacks provided by Cheeky Monkeys Play Barn, and Emma blowing out the candles.


    Here’s Emma opening her gifts from everyone that came to the party.  Lisa is “helping” her.


    We got the sense that everyone really had a good time at the party.

    Thanks to everyone that came to the party and Emma says thanks very much for all the wonderful gifts!

  • Things I want to do…

    Posted on by rob

    I have decided that this will be the year I finally get out and do some things I’ve been wanting to do.  Mostly that’s walking in the hills and some wild camping.  The walking I’m thinking about are doing some Wainwrights. There are heaps to choose from, no idea which ones I’ll do, but I’d like to plan to do a couple of days perhaps 2-3 with a couple of nights wild camping.  I’ve recently watched the video below and it’s inspired me to do it this year.  I have most of the gear and having lost some 48KG over the last 18 months I’m feeling a hell of a lot better.  I still need to get more fit, so must get back to gym 🙂

    Check out blog postings over at Dean Read dot net. Here is the video of their Ennerdale Wainwrights video.

    I don’t have a plan as to when I’ll do it, but I’m thinking mid-late summer.  Need to plan to do some day walks first and get an idea on what I’m in for.  The other “problem” is also finding someone to do these with.  It would be pretty foolish to attempt this sort of thing alone with the lack of experience.  So, I need for another nutter up for some fun too 🙂  If that’s you, lets chat, drop me a comment.

  • Earthquake hits much of England



    The biggest earthquake in the UK for nearly 25 years has shaken homes across large parts of England.

    People in Newcastle, Yorkshire, London, Manchester, the Midlands and Norfolk and also parts of Wales, felt the tremor just before 0100 GMT.


    A man suffered leg injuries when a chimney collapsed in South Yorkshire.


    The British Geological Survey (BGS) said the epicentre of the 5.3 magnitude quake was near Market Rasen, Lincolnshire.


    … Read more on the BBC News website


    This was felt all around Cambridge and reported by many of my friends and work colleagues … however we didn’t noticed anything at all at our house. 


    I assume we just slept right through it, or perhaps the soft marshy lands around the Fens absorbed most of it .. no idea.  A pretty good size quake for the UK none the less…



    Update:  I’ve spoke to someone else that lives near us (1/4 mile max) and they also felt nothing.  The Epicentre was 78 miles NNW of us .. The line shows the path from us to the the area of the Epicentre.. the bottom of the line is on our house.